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Temasys SkylinkJS - A jQuery for WebRTC

Temasys SkylinkJS is all that we've learned working with WebRTC in one small, easy-to-use JavaScript library.
Easily enable your web-app to use low-latency audio, video and data exchange for calling, conferencing, gaming, streaming and whatever you add to it.

// Install using npm or bower
npm install skylinkjs
bower install skylinkjs

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Demos and Tutorials

Demo: Start a conference in your browser by just sharing a link

getaroom.io uses Temasys SkylinkJS and React to make a simple browser based conferencing solution with audio and video support. Check out the code and make it your own.

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Tutorial: Share your screen with other participants during a conference call

Just one additional line of code is required to enable screensharing via WebRTC during your Temasys Skylink session. Check out how you use skylink.shareScreen() yourself.

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Demo: A simple audiovisual coworking chat for remote teams

Build with just Temasys SkylinkJS, you can talk to and collaborate with your remote team in this simple yet powerful virtual co-working caf´┐Ż.

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Demo: Syncronize the state of React components between multiple devices

This React Mixin built with Temasys SkylinkJS syncs up the state of your React components with two added lines of code. Use it in collaboration apps or for remote product demos.

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Demo: Selfie Dashboard - Trigger a photo on your Android phone

Using the Temasys SkylinkJS data-channel you can send a captured JPEG to another device on the same WiFi. Perfect to take selfies using a selfie-stick ;)

Try It (Phone as Camera) Try It (Viewer as Capture)

Tutorial: Build a simple peer-to-peer web chat using Temasys SkylinkJS messaging

Learn how to use the fast peer-to-peer messaging functionality built into Temasys SkylinkJS by implementing a simple web chat in four easy steps.

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