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Skylink Peer Introduction for WebRTC

Our Skylink Peer Introduction service is the easiest and possibly fastest way to get started with WebRTC. It grows with your needs as your web and native apps attract more users over time, delivering speedy performance, state-of-the-art security and per app usage analytics.

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SkylinkJS for the web

Skylink Media Relay Services

Peer-to-peer connectivity is great for real-time audio/video exchange most of the time, but there are some network situations and more demanding use-cases that make for a tough peer-to-peer user experience. Enable Skylink Media Relay Services to solve these problems.

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  What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is real-time audio, video and data exchange for your website and native app

With WebRTC browsers and apps learn to talk to each other instead of just to web servers. They can share audio and video streams from your microphone and camera, exchange files and images or just send and receive simple messages the fastest possible way: peer-to-peer.

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